Why Wax?

Hair becomes softer, finer and easier to remove after just a few waxing sessions, and the best of all, you will enjoy 3 or 5 weeks of smoothness before the hair returns.

Do you recycle your wax?

No we don’t. Very good question. We have trashcans in each room that gets dumped out daily.

Do men wax?

Of course they do! Among our male clientele of all ages. These days men are waxing because they want a clean look and want to appear younger. Back, Chest, Armpits and eyebrow waxes are the most popular.

Is waxing painful?

This is a ver common question. Everyone is different. Some are more sensitive than others. So have hire pain toleration than others. It also depends on the area, but it’s honestly not as bad as you think.

What’s the difference between shaving and waxing?

With shaving, you are simple cutting the hair off at the surface level of the skin. With waxing, the wax grabs around each hair so that it can be removed from the root and all!. With consistent waxing (every 3 to 5 weeks), and proper home care, your hair growth will become thinner and eventually, slower.

How long does it take for the Bikini or Brazilian service?

The service itself typically takes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. Our regular clients who are consistent waxers (the come in every 4-5 weeks) are usually in and out in about 15 minutes. If you are new to waxing and have quite a bit of hair, this process may take a bit longer at first.

Can I have a friend in the room while I get waxed?

Due to a lot of past experience, my answer would have to be no. I’ve have noticed that the clients tends to be way more distracted and it gets loud. This slows down the process and makes it much more uncomfortable for you the client, and us the waxers.

What type of cream do we use after your wax?

We use a post depilatory aloe vera gel it moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

What are your waxing techniques?

With our staff having 30 years of waxing experience, we provide the best and most comfortable waxing techniques to our clients. We do not use paper or cloth strips. Our honey hard wax is melted to a warm temperature and applied directly on the skin and pealed off almost instantly.